On April 17th, the 5th grade superheroes at Deerfield took a new step into their development.  They faced the greatest challenge of a superhero: championing the shadows within.  After hearing some examples and reflecting on themselves, they faced the things that are dark inside of them.  Instead of hiding them, keeping them inside, or letting them grow, they expressed them through clay creations.

Afraid of being laughed at - Artistic Wildfire - Deerfield 2015


Always thinks that I am not good enough

Has a hard time letting go of the past








Not only did they articulate their shadows to themselves to gain greater self awareness, some felt the courage to stand in front of the class and speak their shadows out loud.

Breaks stuff when sad or frustrated - Wise Lightning Deerfield 2014

Wise Lightning
Superpower: Unleashes learning through play
Shadow: Breaks stuff when sad or frustrated

Other heroes chose to show theirs silently on their desks for other students to see as they walked through to look.  When heroes share their shadows, rather than becoming fears that grow in secret, the shadows become weaker by being brought into the light.  Students learn that their shadows are nothing to fear.


How does it feel to bring these things into the light?

“I feel relieved,” says Mighty Mystic.  Another said they would be able to understand each other better now.  The heroes learned that when they admit their shadows, others then know how to help them through these things.

At the end, heroes smash their shadows and reshape them into trophies to celebrate their awesome selves!

Experience - shadowscape smashing - Sweet Faun Deerfield 2014