After the heroes shared their shadows, they reached a new level of superness.  Their learning deepened, their capes flapped, and the Heroic Heart for which they had been questing for the past four months materialized in the classroom.  Wild celebration ensued.


…Until a supervillain appeared.  The cloaked villain was unfazed by Ice Jester’s poses, Leopard Star’s shadow trophy, or Lightning Ninja’s smiles.  He had come for the heart.

As he held the attention of the class, going on about the power of negativity, no one suspected his ally would approach from behind… and steal the Heroic Heart!


After the villains escaped, the heroes found a note on the ground:


If you want your precious “Heroic Heart” back, come and get it at Crabapple Drive, Troy, MI, by Firefighter’s Park.  You’ll need your best Fartitude, Wussydom, Dumbpassion, and Boogers, but none will help you.  Bwahaha!  Be there or be square… oh wait, you already are.  10 am Saturday, April 26th.”

With regards to the villains’ spelling of the 4 Core Forces, Ice Jester stated, “I am guessing they did not go to college.”

The heroes were undaunted.   When asked if they were ready for the Epic Adventure Day this coming Saturday, they cheered wildly.

Later, news from headquarters identified the two supervillains:

Lord Sabotage - Deerfield 2014 (2)


Villain Profile: Lord Sabotage

Power: Sabotages teams by getting them to turn against each other.

History: Lord Sabotage was why the Detroit Lions lost every single game in 2008.  He convinces penguins who are mated for life to break up and leave their eggs in the cold.  He turns friends against each other with ugly gossip and competitiveness. One time, Lord Sabotage’s eyebrows stopped working together!

Nasty Negative - Deerfield 2014

Villain Profile: The Nasty Negative

Power: Makes everything worse

History:  The Nasty Negative is known to barf on kindergarteners’ drawings of their families.  He tells kids with sore throats that they are really dying of cancer.  Thanks to the fears he spread in the Cold War, he got the United States to amass 31,175 nuclear warheads at once.  One time, he convinced more than 146,000,000 people that the iphone 4 wasn’t good enough and that they needed to buy the iphone 5 instead!