Little Adventures

Storytelling Extravaganzas

2 – 4 hrs

Big Adventures

Supervillain Invasions

3 – 6 sessions of 2 hrs+

Epic Adventures


14 sessions, 2 hrs

Fiery Star


Explores new places with great enthusiasm

4 min video summary of Superhero Training Academy, 2014

Superhero Training Academy is a grassroots 501c3 not for profit organization, with main operations at Footquarters and Outdoor Learning Landscape in Detroit, Michigan.        

Hero Name:           

Super Duper, age 10


Speaks up with super energy and super ideas

Student reports after 13 session superhero “Quest”

  • Heroes that create a positive superhero identity 100% 100%
  • Heroes who develop and share their superpowers 88% 88%
  • Heroes who feel they have positively impacted their community 95% 95%
  • Heroes who feel more confident to embrace unknown experiences 79% 79%
  • Heroes who feel a boost in positive self-image 77% 77%
  • Heroes who feel more positive relationships in the classroom 82% 82%

Feedback from our last Quest

  • Average INCREASE in interpersonal strength, intrapersonal strength, affective strength, school functioning, and family involvement 47% 47%

“My favorite part was breaking through the impossible.

I can do anything as long as I try.”

Hero Name:           Crazy Platypus, age 8

Superpower:          Creates joy with artistic creations

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