Detroit, MI – Christ the King Elementary School

In the everyday ordinary of the school day, Terrence finishes his math quiz and then heads to the gym locker room, where he transforms from his joyful learning self into…


Tiger Shark

Encourages others to believe in themselves

He has been training for weeks, practicing his creative power and bringing to life a super self.  Today, he joins with his “super squad” on a mission to “uplift the planet and make it a peaceful place.”

IMG_1958  It’s an important charge up before the challenge, and like the rest of the heroes, Tiger Shark is nervous, and will have to literally leap into classrooms and attempt to “uplift the planet and make it a peaceful place.”

He is interrupted in the 3rd grade classroom, met with low energy in 2nd grade, but when he leaps into the 6th grade, KaBLaAm!  He has everyone dancing!

IMG_1950Throughout the day, superheroes take up the call to make a difference, blasting into classrooms with courage, heroic attempts to not so much save the world, but in fact, better the day…

IMG_1926   IMG_1946

Inventive Ant, whose power is to invent drawings and engineers buildings that have never been seen to inspire imagination.  This day, he taught everyone how to imagine new details to “change something” from ordinary into extraordinary.

IMG_1972  IMG_1964

Fierce Angel, who dares to make new things fun with fearless leadership.  This day, she encouraged others not to hide from thunderstorms and experience the thrill of being free in the rain.

In the end, it was clear that the superheroes made a difference.  Not only in their school, but within themselves as well.


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