Superheroes from Merry Mary’s fifth grade classroom at Deerfield Elementary ventured into the unknown and entered another school district, completing their secret missions, sharing their unique superpowers in front of complete strangers in 4 fifth grade classrooms at Covington School in Birmingham.  Laughing Moon, Storming Sunflower, and the Lumberjack had come along to watch the secret missions and facilitate discussion afterwards, but the secret missions turned into a Superhero Surprise Adventure for them when they accompanied the student heroes into an elderly home: The American House.

The heroes carried on in their capes along side other civilian students, meeting elders, sharing superpowers, playing board games, entertaining with superhero shenanigans, and just chatting.  A spontaneous superhero circus of impromptu superpowers erupted in the memory loss section, creating ecstatic joy and bedazzlement that never got old.   Uproarious laughter could be heard all over.  The Loving Leopard met Ethyl, who had first become a resident of American House to accompany her husband, a veteran who was going through the stages of dementia.  She proudly showed off his picture while another student taught her to play a board game.  Ethyl was a superhero herself, mother of five, teaching younger heroes by example as she spoke with gratitude about the goodness and blessing of her life.  Superheroes gave and received service with surprises, smiles, and superpowers.