After a couple years of camps, festivals, Brave Believers, and fitting into the cracks, STA runs the first quest at Mount Calvary from 10:30 to 12:30 on Sundays during church.  About 15 students have been going through the Spectrum of Perspective, learning about the 4 Core Forces (Fortitude, Wisdom, Compassion, Joy) through archetypes.

They blew up balloons full of hope and kept them up in the air and showed their dances of how a liberator gets down.  They practiced being a judge by speaking their deep truths for the world, and they entered the Field of Fear blindfolded as explorers.  They found out just how hard it is to be a teacher when directions on how to make a PBJ went horribly wrong, how to be a caretaker of an egg on a spoon in an obstacle course, and how to talk to God like a mystic.


Heroes have now accomplished their Character Kaleidoscopes as well, piecing together the elements of nature, animals, character traits, descriptive words, and mythical creatures that fit them best.  They choose these mirrors through experiential learning, playing tag as animals, scavenger hunts for character traits where they invent motions for the traits they find, Pictionary of elements, charades of mythical creatures.  In the end, they select what draws them and search for how they are similar.  Laughing Moon reflects the wonder and possibility of others like a moon reflects the light of the sun.  Storming Sunflower searches for and follows goodness like the sunflower turns to face the sun as it crosses the sky.  How is Tiger Star like a star?  How is Wild Black Panther like a panther?


Names are chosen, names are changed, and the heroes at Mount Calvary progress on.  More coming on the archetypes, the in depth version of the Spectrum of Perspective, at superhero get ups coming soon!

MegaSuperSquad - MC 2014


Above from left: Quickster, LumberJack, Challenge Maker, Storming Sunflower, Space Cowboy, Good Dream Giver