14 new superheroes were born at Mount Calvary this week.

Mask - MC 2013

Identities were created, capes were adjusted, just in time for the arrival of a horde of supervillians to sweep in and cause havoc.

Here they come! Shock! Panic!
 Villains - first encounter - MC 2012
Terrifying, gruesome, and smelly, the villians Blingatron, Rotten Apple, Dr. Mind Bender, and the Discourager taunted the young heroes.
Villains - first encounter - MC 2012 (2)
The superheroes’ sidekicks, high school volunteers from the Catholic Heart Work Camp who also underwent superhero training, were cursed by the villains to forget their superpowers and transform to villains.
Heroes had to brave team challenges presented by the villains, and they had to convert the villains into heroes using wisdom, fortitude, compassion, and joy.
 Villains - faceoff Discourager vs. heroes - MC 2012
Blingatron, never satisfied and always upping his flash, was so moved by the generosity of a young hero giving him a dollar that he gave up his villainry on the spot and joined the heroes.
 Blingatron - MC 2013 (2)
Really, the villains never had a chance.
 Heroes - chasing villains - MC 2012
Superheroes, sidekicks, and former villains unite!
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