For Secret Missions, heroes traditionally explode into unsuspecting classrooms, offices, and lounges to actively share their superpowers with younger or older students, classmates, teachers, and staff in their own school.  For the first time ever in the history of Superhero Training Academy, Secret Missions went beyond school, district, and township into the complete unknown when Deerfield superheroes got on a school bus in their capes and ended up at Covington School in front of 4 classrooms of students their age that they had never seen in their life.

When they first went in, they were nervous, even afraid.  “It’s scary at first, when you go into the unknown… we had ants in our pants,” said Fire Ninja afterwards.  “I went WAY out of my comfort zone…I was so nervous.  I was just really scared,” said Sweet Faun.  But they got into their MegaSuperSquads, encouraged each other, gave last suggestions, and took the leap.


They exploded into classrooms with Calls of Confidence and superhero poses, proclaiming their names and superpowers: “I am more inventive than Thomas Edison inventing the light bulb.  I am more curious that Curious George.  I am more focused than a cheetah trying to catch a gazelle.  I am Wise Lightning.  I unleash learning through play.”

“I am more energetic that 12 toddlers on a sugar high.  I am more daring than Daredevil himself!  I am more cooler than Antarctica in the summer.  I am Ice Jester!  I bravely juggle laughter disaster jokes.”

Then, they started demonstrating superpowers.


Mighty Mystic, who puzzles through problems to invent solutions, takes Covington students through a discussion of how they can contribute to solving global warming.


Lightning Ninja, who is more outspoken than a thousand howler monkeys, more playful than a baby kitten, and more dependable than a mother to a cub, surprises with the light of laughter through play, puppets, and pretend.

Leopard Star, who explores the natural world and discovers how animals feel and communicate, works with Billy the goat to lead Covington students in a joyful dance while her MegaSuperSquad beatboxes for support.

Covington students were inspired and some imagined themselves as superheroes.  “I would be Imagic, because I use my imagination in cool ways, maybe bring it to life and share it with others,” one said.

“I would be Smart Wolf and […] would help animals find their way back home, and I would also share things because wolves always share their meals even with the smallest people in the pack.”  said another.

“My name would be J.R. Jokes and I’m gonna be the joker of all things.  Whenever someone is sad, my mind pops in 100 jokes per second!”  said a third.


The heroes themselves were inspired too.  “I unleashed my fear, and now it’s gone,” Iron Ghost said, overcoming it “by expressing [him]self.”

Sweet Faun said, “It felt really good.  I shouldn’t be scared of anything.”

Fire Ninja and Iron Ghost, talked back  and forth, saying:  “I feel like I could go on the scariest ride ever.”

“I feel like I could go into any school and do it now.”

“Like that one!” (points out the bus window)

“Yeah!  Let’s go there now!”


It was transformative.  Quiet Artist was even inspired to change her name to Crazy Artist.   “Now, I love the unknown… I don’t think that “Quiet” really suits me anymore.   I just want to be loud so everybody can hear me.  I want everybody to hear that they should just be themselves, even when fear is there…  I want them to know that fear doesn’t exist.”

The heroes made a difference.  Affectionate Snowflake, who feels and heals the pain in others with empathy, understanding, and encouragement, said, “I heard that one girl, her grandma, she’s not feeling well and stuff, and she’s worry that she’ll die and stuff, and I heard that someone said that she connected, like I really helped open her up and comforted her, so I feel much better.  I feel happy that I made an impact on someone and how they feel.”