Andersonville Elementary, Davisburg, Michigan, Spring 2007

After much superhero training, Solo, Animal Angel, G-Tunez, Daughter Nature, Sonic Boom, Mr. Funny Face, Superhound, Animal Lover Extreme, Lookout, and Miss Cat razzled the “Superhero Spirit” inside themselves and entered the Pine Tree Place to entertain community elders. We were met with smiles and curious cocked eyebrows. And then…

They performed the “Hero’s Journey” in skit, shared superpowers in song, and promised the Superhero Oath to the community. The Pine Tree elders were dazzled by their funny faces and encouraged by all the compassion. One lady commented, “That was great! But I couldn’t hear a thing!”

After the show, each superhero introduced themselves to the elders, and conjured their unique superpowers into action. Solo burst into song, serenading the ladies. Daughter Nature shared her love for the natural world, and Mr. Funny Face, well, he made funny faces to inspire laughter. It was a circus of superhero shenanigans.

Twelve weeks earlier, Michael Mallon, fourth grade teacher at Andersonville Elementary, ran into the bathroom after the end of school bell. Quickly, he yanked off his tie and slid off his slick black socks, put on a wig the color of wiggly sunrise rays and strapped on his cloudy sky cape. Then he zipped down the school hallway and dashed into the Music Room.

Several fifth grade students flopped their homework in the hallway, and entered into another world—a world resplendent with Superhero Spirit—when they saw the Sunrise Guy (now Laughing Moon). Training began with the “Gusto of the Go Get ‘Em” and “The Mirror of Many Faces.”

It wasn’t long before these heroes were contacted by Superhero Headquarters in the form of pen pals. They were challenged by superheroes like Lady Lovely Socks and supervillains like the Vengeful Villain of Television. Through these experiences, heroes developed their unique superhero character, including their symbol, costume, light, and message for the world.

To test their abilities, heroes traversed a low ropes course, learning powers of encouragement and the skills of teamwork.

The Encouraginator tests his ability to encourage himself as he walks the “Wiggles of Whoa!”

After the festival at Pine Tree Place, the heroes joined their families and pen pals and earned their Superhero capes at the Superhero Graduation Ceremony.

A-Laura Borealis flew all the way from New York to celebrate Daughter Nature, and Sam Handwich did somersaults all the way from Vermont to make funny faces with G-Tunez.

After twelve weeks of gumption and goofiness, the heroes graduated with flying colors.

 Andersonville Elementary, Davisburg, Michigan, Spring 2009