Philmont Scout Ranch, Cimarron, New Mexico, Summer 2003

The family program staff for Philmont Scout Ranch came from all over the United States to the “Land of Enchantment” in New Mexico. There, in the jagged and ragged mountains, they were trained in wilderness preparedness, storytelling and skits, and how to sing so loud that bears will run away.  But it wasn’t until two staff members hatched a hair brain idea, that the advanced training began.

Dr. Doo Wop (now Laughing Moon) began the first ever Superhero Training Academy with the most awesome of the seven superhero secrets to surmise:

“The greatest challenge of the superhero is not to defeat the gnarling, snarling monstersout in the world; the greatest challenge of the superhero is to champion our shadows within.”

The heroes began to hone the attributes of the superhero. There was the “Gung Ho Heart”, which embodied the courage to help someone no matter their mess. There was the “Mighty Mind”, which instilled the creative thinking through complex riddles. The “Extra Oomph” pushed them past their own self-created limits and the “Boogedy Boogedy” refined the skill of surprising others with laughter.  Training continued as heroes mastered the “Oogle”, the “Great Gusto of the Go ‘Get Em” and the “Move of Smooth”. And then, as the sun rose radiant in the Land of Enchantment upon the dawn of a new day, the sun smiled so wide that the mountains rose an extra two inches in excitement.

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As the sun set, the Superheroes were called into the wild of the New Mexico mountains. There they were entrusted the Superhero Spirit, which was stolen from them by the Pirate of Blundering Plunders! They chased him for miles through the night to a fortress armed with a supervillain army and a hullabaloo of water balloons. There, they would make their stand at the Fortress of Fear and take back the Superhero Spirit.  In the end, the Superheroes had to combine all their powers to defeat Mr. Evil and his cute fuzzy bunny ray.