The Hero's Journey

“We have not even risk the adventure alone.

For the heroes of all time have gone before us.

The labyrinth is thoroughly known.

We have only to follow the thread of the hero path.”

~ Joseph Campbell

What problems do you want to solve?

2 + 15 =

Most Wanted Villains

Vengeful Villain of Television

The television villain likes to hypnotize you.  She gets you to sit on your butt, eat potato chips and drink pop.  While your body turns to flab, she attacks your mind ~ zapping your own creative genius and keeping you “entertained”.  One time the Vengeful Villain of Television convinced an entire country to go to war!


Masquerade likes to get others to blend in, follow the crowd, and be something they’re not.  She loves to visit the forest and trick all the baby animals to find new mothers.  She hates anything unique.  She is always trying to sell the latest fashion trends.  Remember ripped jeans?  That was her work.  One time she even convinced an astronaut that he was really a submarine captain – the spaceship is still at the bottom of the ocean!

The Shadow

The Shadow loves to encourage thinking bad about others.  He loves to make big announcements about teachers being wrong, parents being unfair, and kids being lazy.  Sometimes he goes to talent shows just to boo and tell others they suck.  One time he even threw an “unbirthday party” for a friend, wishing that he’d never been born!

Team of Total Downers

The Team of Total Downers encourage others to give up.  They like to visit sports teams at halftime and throw a “you’re gonna lose” party in the locker room.  They teach baby birds that their wings don’t work.  They love to convince kids that they can’t make a difference.  One time they even convinced an entire planet to stop caring for the earth!

Elements of Creation


The ability to create happiness


The ability to share love


The ability to focus strength


The ability to find understanding





Looking into Mindbender’s eyes is instant hypnosis.  She can freeze your body into fat so you weigh like 800 lbs. If you fall into trance long enough, eyeballs will spin and focus will be lost forever!  But Water Tiger can build artistic nests with rocks and open portals of peace in the woods…
Children age 5-16 spend an average of 6.5 hours a day in front of a screen.  Teenage boys spend the longest – an average of 8 hours.  8 year old girls spend the least – 3.5 hours.  Study done by Childwise.

What happens?!

11 + 14 =




Captain Competition preys upon weakness to dominate others.  He changes the rules to every game so that you lose defeat.  He cheats.  But Treefrog can shapeshift – into a rapper, a valley girl, a wild berserker.  Upon the Grasslands of Gumption…
Laughter builds connections in the brain.  It stretches the lungs and muscles, and helps release emotion.  Creative play turns you into a super communicator and most wanted problem solver.

Who will prevail?

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Name this ARCHETYPE...or say something else!

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