Tree Guardian 2

Cares for others

Fire Fool

Prays for families

Fire Fool - pose - RC 2012

Visits people at work,

takes prayer requests.

He is the one who makes prayer for all.

Friendly Snowflake

Watches over others with love

Friendly Snowflake 2

When villains attack the heroes,

Snowflake runs for help.

She is the one who makes sure everyone is ok.

  Plant Artist

Creates beauty

Helpful Hummingbird

Draws happy days and beautiful nights to share awesome

Helpful Hummingbird - pose II - STL 2012

Looks at the sky,

gives it to others on a sheet of paper.

She is the one to help us see wonder.

Ninja Wolf

Creates peace with music and beats

Ninja Wolf - pose II - STL 2012

Takes a pencil,

makes sweet beats.

He is the one that creates harmony.

  Mountain Healer

Restores balance


Sings his heart out with joy

Suit - Solo AE 2007

Enters an elderly home,

serenades the old folks.

He is the one who that brings life to the lonely.

Creative Water Tiger

Comforts others with the peace of nature

Creative Water Tiger - profile - HO 2015

Inside a building,

Tiger creates a place for nature.

She is the one who reminds us to breathe.