About The
Superhero Training Academy

With the great gusto of your go get ‘em, the razzle dazzle pizzazz of your superpower, and the fierce force of your heroic heart, let’s fly toward a better world.

Be  the superhero that you are.

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Superhero Training Academy is exploding like never before. This summer, STA launches 3 Quests, 3 Superhero Camps, 4 Force Camps, and the second annual Superhero Olympics. Interested in the incredible? Join us for adventure, creativity, and character building. And, of course, force fields, freeze rays, and a few supervillains.  Read More

Vision & Mission

At Superhero Training Academy, we empower kids to fly. We honor the genius and dreams of children, unleash their gifts as superpowers, and challenge them to be the change they wish to see in the world. With confidence, creativity, and capes, superheroes build positive character values, break through the impossible into daring adventures, and give joyful service to others.


In 2003, the journey began in the New Mexico wilderness. Superhero Training was reborn at the Gesundheit Institute in West Virginia, flew into public schools in Michigan, zipped out to Red Cloud Indian School in South Dakota, and joined forces with the Possibility Alliance in Missouri. In 2011 STA settled in southeastern Michigan, become a 501c3 not-for-profit, and exploded throughout the region and beyond. Read More

STA programs mostly focus on ages 6-18, though we do reach populations that are younger and older. We serve families, youth groups, schools, faith centers, nature centers, community centers, neighborhoods, etc. See our curriculum if you'd like to learn more.

Superheroes unite! Combine powers in events, gatherings, and adventures that anybody can attend. Interested in becoming a superhero as a grown up? Then check this out!