Identities are a powerful thing.  The names we have for ourselves build the stories of our lives.  How do the stories we tell about ourselves limit us?  How might they make us super?

The journey to a superhero name usually takes an hour or two.  It’s introspective and imaginative.  And it evolves with time.  But that doesn’t mean it can’t also be filled with fun and surprise!  If you like, create a quickie superhero name and thought experiment with the stories that pop in your head 🙂  Directions below.

If you’d like to craft a meaningful superhero name, join a community event or contact Laughing Moon @ to set up a 1.5 hour jam session.  Sessions are sliding scale $0 – $150. 


1. These magic spinners are nowhere as magic as your inner knowing.  Click with care, take time to contemplate and spin again.  

2. Choose two spinners, let ’em roll, and get your very quick superhero name.  Surprise!

3. Choose more than two spinners, let ’em roll, and decide which combo fits you best.  Hmmmm….

4. Report to Superhero Heartquarters if you like!  






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Mythical Creatures