Wind Seeker

Finds the truth

Spider Coyote

Leads others to limitless imagination

Studentship - Spider Coyote - Wisdom Camp 2014

She searches an ancient forest,

noticing everything.

She is the one who asks the deep questions.

Caring Orca Panther

Leaps into learning

Caring Orca Panther - pose - Murphy 2015

Panther races to the front,


He is the one who is always wants to know.

Sky Teacher

Shares truth and skill

Sandstorming Falcon

Envisions new ways to brainstorm solutions

Sandstorming Falcon

Enters a school,

asks everyone for problems.

He is the one who stirs up creative thinking.

Aurora Artist

Teaches others how to imagine creative art

Imaginative Aurora Artist - superpower - RC 2011

Models art and poetry,

and shares simple strategies.

She is the one shows the small steps.

Aurora-Australis-Goats-Bluff-July-15th-2012-James-Garlick 2

Sees beyond

Raven Future

Sees the future

Raven Future - STL 2014

Heroes are lost in the strange new land,

Raven Future looks into the distance.

He is the one who can sense danger.

Bubble Bunny

Puts hope in the hearts of others

Bubble Bunny - talking - MC 2014

On site of a lost civilization,

she sits still in the silence.

She is the one who hears what the forest has to say.