River Explorer

Dares the adventure

Fiery Star

Dances to new places and possibilities

Fiery Star - superpower - Deerfield 2015

Villains hide the “heroic heart” deep into a dark tunnel.

Fiery Star leaps into the river.

She is the one to step into the darkness first.

Explorer Soldier

Finds truth in mystery

Explorer Soldier - RC 2011

Villains wreck the “Possibility Emporium”.

Curious, he searches everywhere for clues.

He is the one to discover the secret message.

Awakens new ways

Miss Miracle

Defeats darkness with belief and compassion


Writes dazzling poems

to share the miracles of everyday.

 CLICK HERE to read her poem, “Heaven”


Stirs up the party

 Thunderbolt - profile - RC 2011

Carries a boombox,

turns it up.

 He is the one to start the dance.

Waterfall Fool

Lifts up with laughter

Supernova Soldier

Blasts open laughter

Supernova Soldier - go get em - RC 2011

Surprises hard working students

with a song of funny noises.

He is the one who turns frustration into fun.

Crazy Chameleon

Shows others how to have fun

Crazy Chameleon - pose - AE 2009

Performs a play

to raise money for endangered animals.

She is the one who brings things to life.