Star Champion 2

Masters the amazing

Compassionate Trickster

Balances tricks and teaching

Compassionate Trickster - profile - STL 2014

He practices circus arts for hours everyday,

ready to lead heroes across a lava river.

He is the one that knows balance the best.

Long Claw

Dreams with a flying imagination

and brings creatures to life

Folds paper again and again and again,

creates masterpieces.

She is the one that pays attention to detail.

Fire Warrior 2

Protects with courage

Iron Tornado

Protects others that are smaller


When little kids are being bullied on the bus,

Iron Tornado stands up.

He is the one that helps othersĀ feel safe.


Defends with wild roars

Heroes are being bullied.

Animal stops it.

She is the one who sets the boundaries.

Lightning Chief

Unites path and purpose

Peaceful Bubble

Creates peace with song and dance

Peaceful Bubble - dancing - STL 2012

On a superhero mission to spread cheer at a festival,

Bubble is the first to step up, singing and dancing.

She is the one who shows how it’s done.

Brave Turtle

Lives life to the fullest

Heroes - Brave Turtle - Zacky 2014

Living with terminal illness,

Turtle defeats 7 villains in one day to save his baby sister.

He is the one to show how precious life is.