Red Cloud Indian School, Pine Ridge, SD, Spring 2010

The superhero license is the four fold story of the superhero told through the archetypes, which each embody one of the Four Core Forces (for Red Cloud, we used the Lakota values of wisdom, compassion, fortitude, and humility).

The front of the Superhero License is the superhero’s symbol.

Inside shows the Superhero’s light and shadow, along with the energy ratings they have earned.

The license flips open to represent the four elements.

And unfolds into four different stories that come together in the center.

In each direction, Superheroes choose one archetype that mirrors their life the most. They define that archetype and tell the story of how it shows up in their lives.

Wind: Iron Tornado tells of how he is a warrior, and sticks up for his sister on the bus.

Earth: Iron Tornado tells of how he is an artist, and teaches the class to draw a buffalo skull.


Water: Iron Tornado tells the story of how he is a fool, making goofy faces for others to laugh.

Light: Iron Tornado tells the story of how he is a visionary, recreating an art character into something new.

We stuff our Superhero Licenses in our pockets (just in case we need ID).