Special Ops

As a leader, you want to bring out the best in your community.  

Superhero Special Ops provides advanced training and epic adventures.


STA is not responsible for side effects due to flying leaps of greatness.

The Hero's Adventure

Not every entrepreneur, visionary thinker, or cultural revolutionary thinks of their journey as similar to Jason’s as he sought the golden fleece, but it is.  Joseph Campbell pointed out that heroes from the beginning of time have moved through a similar path of growth and discovery, traveling a path know as the “hero’s journey.”  And entrepreneurs, visionaries and revolutionaries are some of our modern day heroes.

Superhero adventures lead your team to discover and hone the skills and powers you need to work together more effectively and to creatively respond to challenges and opportunities – as a team and as individuals.

Adventure Activities

  • Story building – how to inspire growth through story
  • Shapeshifting – how to embrace opportunities for creativity
  • X-Ray vision – how to see and communicate potential
  • Flying abilities – how to build trust to take creative risks
  • Super hearing – how to lead and how to follow
  • Invincibility – how to build a culture of intimacy
  • Superpower – how to share creative power to create change

Adventure Outcomes

  • Awareness of internal strengths and challenges
  • Practical tools to build productive community
  • New insights into the cultural narrative of your life/and or business
  • Increased intimacy and openness to deeper, multi-faceted relationships

Profits Fund Youth Empowerment

Your investment helps us invest in our collective future through work with children.  We earmark 50% of corporate adventure profit to sustain our non-profit work with at-risk youth. Our “Heartquarters” is located in the midst of Brightmoor, one of Detroit’s most impoverished neighborhoods. And we’re making a real difference.  Learn more here.

Thank you. While you maximize your potential, you are opening the door for kids to discover theirs. And to use their powers for good. Good for one and all.

Public Superhero journeys are scheduled at least monthly between April and October.

  • 4 hour journey:  $275/person
    • 10% discount for groups of 5+ attending the same journey
    • 10 person minimum and 25 person maximum on each journey

If you or your team does not experience an increase in connection and growth, we offer a money back guarantee.  Lunch and all materials included in price.

Private 4 or 8 hour journeys for business teams

  • 4 hour journey:  $2,500 for up to 10 people; $250/person additional (up to 25 maximum)
  • 8 hour journey:  $4,000 for up to 10 people; $400/person additional (up to 25 maximum)

If you or your team does not experience an increase in connection and growth, we offer a money back guarantee.  Lunch and all materials included in price.

Eight Hour Journey – An eight hour journey includes the four hour adventure, with additional time to reflect and integrate through deeper levels of understanding.  Teams build new connections within their culture and leave with a shared document of understanding of how to lead and support the growth of the business.  Team leaders take away new insights into building a better culture through the different stages of growth.

If you’d like more information, or if you’re ready to schedule your Adventure, please contact Laughing Moon at (248) 921-6461 or send an email to laughingmoon@superherotraining.org

The process to schedule a private adventure:

  1. RESEARCH – We visit you to learn what is evolving in your business.  We learn your growth edges, challenges, and aspirations.
  2. DEVELOPMENT – We custom build every adventure to meet your needs.
  3. ADVENTURE – Take your team into the unknown for a one of a kind growth experience.  Return to the ordinary world in an extraordinary way.

“Leading up to the training I really wasn’t sure what we were getting into. I was very much in my own head and as a result, feeling separated from my colleagues. STA gave me a chance to let go, reconnect with my team, and really get back in touch with how dynamic we are together. It was absolutely life (and career) changing and I’d recommend it in a heartbeat!”

~ Meredith Nicholson, member of ZingTrain, Ann Arbor, MI

“There are superpowers in all of us and what’s fantastic about the Superhero Training Academy is that they get you to reach into yourself, identify what those superpowers are, and bring them out and share them with the world.  It’s a great team-building exercise.”

~ Joey Coleman, Chief Experience Composer, Design Symphony, Evergreen, CO

“It’s about really tapping into what matters to be successful in every area…the most fun part of it was learning to fly.”

~ Shelby Larson, SEO consultant and owner of Content Divas, USA

Get ready to fly! 10...9...8...7...6...5...4...

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