SWOOSH!  The astounding adventures of comic book pages swept through the Echo Valley neighborhood of Novi, Michigan.  The comics inspired the creative imagination of a group of childhood friends and they became tigers and crusaders, hurled lightning bolts, and survived the apocalypse (at least twice).

14 years later, after the unique creative genius of childhood, the first STA “curriculum” was written by Dr. Doo Wop (now Laughing Moon).  He taught the first ever “quest” to adults at Philmont Scout Ranch in New Mexico.  STA was then reborn at the clown hospital Gesundheit Institute in West Virginia.  The first Leadership Council formed and these clowns (Sam Handwich, A-Laura Borealis, Elephun, and Laughing Moon) wrote the second curriculum, super suited for children.

The First Era: 2006-2011


In the First Era, from 2006-2011, STA served one school at a time, facilitated by one full time teacher of that school.  In the early years, STA ran as a bi-weekly after school program at Andersonville Elementary in Clarkston, Michigan.  The program then developed into a yearlong curriculum at Red Cloud Indian School in South Dakota.

STA also grew nationally when we collided with the Haul of Justice superheroes in La Plata, Missouri.  The Haul is a worldwide network of bike riding superheroes who for the past fifteen years, have biked over 10,000 miles and done more than 45,000 hours of community service.

The Second Era: 2011-2014


In the Second Era, STA returned to SE Michigan and developed as a non-profit entity.  STA responded to places all over SE Michigan, no matter the age, place, or race.  Steady programs continued in schools and faith based institutions, while spontaneous responses to calls for help happened in elderly homes, backyard playgrounds, youth prisons, outdoor centers, farms, and others.  The second Leadership Council formed, as well as a dynamic and talented volunteer community.  STA naturally developed strong relationships with community leaders, expanding the scope of STA as a youth program to include community organizing and movement building.

The Third Era: 2015-present day


At the dawn of the Third Era, STA has been led to Detroit to the edge of the known world, where we see the fossils of the industrial revolution – polluted playgrounds, abandoned homes, assembly line schools, violence, poverty…STA returns to its origins in the neighborhood, this time facing global challenges, and invests roots in a superhero base in the Brightmoor Neighborhood in Detroit.  HeartQuarters is a schoolhouse and budding mythic adventure playscape, on a quest to facilitate a neighborhood campus of learning.

Let's make history!

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