Let's build a world where kids know their creative genius!


STA is a 501c3 not for profit organization.  Every dollar supports a child in need.


Most Wanted Super Villains

Greedy Goblin

He steals pacifiers from babies, cupcakes from birthday parties, and words from          .

Lately he’s been stealing from local schools so that they don’t have money for superhero programs!


She talks through the screens and convinces kids there is no adventure left in the world.

Her ultimate goal is to squash STA’s outdoor education efforts!


He tears teams apart by confusing communication.

Lately he’s hijacked our grant writing, scrambling our statistical data and hiding access to foundations!

Doom Ella

She slows everything down to the speed of boredom.

Lately she’s been zapping volunteers into the SleEeEeeeEepy Zone!

Grab your cape!

Join the action and bring to life the superhero experience for kids!

Partner with Superhero Training Academy

Family Partner

As a parent, you can “choose your adventure” and piece together the parts of the Academy that fit your child and family best.  From mentorships to epic adventures, LEARN MORE HERE.

Community Partner

As an organization, you can tailor superhero experiences for your community.  From quests to supervillain invasions, LEARN MORE HERE.

Don’t do it!

STA not responsible for side effects of flying leaps of greatness.

Special Ops

As a leader, you want to bring out the best in your community.  Superhero Special Ops provides advanced training and epic adventures.

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