Current Missions

Summer Academy

Imagine a local neighborhood house that is transformed into a mythic playground for kids and community center for families.  During the day, kids come to transform into superheroes and practice their powers.  Learning x-ray vision with heart reading, super intelligence through geometry, seeing the future by understanding story.  At night, special events for families build connection and community.  And then, there are the special adventures – bike rides, overnight camping trips, community service projects and epic adventure courses across SE Michigan.

Mission: Build the Summer Academy

Location: Summer Academy at 15086 Dolphin St, Detroit, MI.  Brightmoor neighborhood campus (4 square miles).  Special adventures TBD.


Superhero RADAR

Heroes are everywhere!  They are

Radical Adventurers Daring Amazing Revolution.

Are you one?  These are heroes who wear the cape for earth care or people care.  Saving the world for free.  One moment at a time.

Mission: Build the Superhero RADAR

Join members of the Haul of Justice and STA as we reconnect with 15 years of heroes.  Add your name to the list and join the community of heroes.  Spark new heroic actions of costumed heroes across the globe!  Connect with others.

Ongoing Mission

Super Squads...UNITE!

Whether you leap into action or join behind the scenes, make a difference as a Super Squad member.  Contact STA for a list of Squads in action, or invent one of your own!

Mission: Join a Super Squad!

The Leadership Council meets monthly.  Curriculum Squad is writing volumes.  Adventure Squads are dusting off their capes.  Mom Squads are sewing capes for kids.  Even the villains are organizing.

Ongoing Mission

Super Squads


Quest Support Squad


Special Ops

Community Partners

Deerfield Elementary

SuperSquad - Deerfield 2014

Deerfield Elementary helps children recognize their potentials, builds confidence, and ensures student learning.  Students have participated in quest programs.  This year STA curriculum supports a weekly “hero hour” within the school day.

Location: Rochester Hills, MI

Groves High School

Sidekick - Groves

Birmingham Groves is a community of learners which values intellectual excellence, personal development, social responsibility, and ethical standards.  STA curriculum has integrated into the 9th grade literature curriculum, overlapping the “Hero’s Journey” with Homer’s Odyssey.  STA facilitators train students to become superheroes and create community impact projects that students develop and carry out in their communities.  There are currently over 275 superheroes at this school.

Location: Birmingham, MI

Strawbale Studio

Ed Laing North SBS

The Strawbale Studio focuses on natural building and other practices of sustainability.  The Studio provides educational workshops, apprenticeships, community events, exhibits and presentations both on and off site.  These experiences serve to empower others to take part in the construction and design of structures and supportive environments that are ecologically sustainable and beautiful.  This is a superhero destination for fostering community, retreat, visioning, as well as hosting programs for youth.

Location: Oxford, MI

Planet Rock

Experience - rock climbing - Groves 2013

Planet Rock is a world class rock climbing facility.  It offers unique climbing experiences for beginners and masters.  Planet Rock trains superhero “sidekicks” so that they can belay young heroes as they climb to new heights.

Location: Madison Heights, MI

Outdoor Education Center


The Walled Lake Outdoor Education Center offers adventure challenges, high/low ropes, climbing tower and zip line, camp and retreat experiences, as well as nature study and large community events.  They have helped facilitate STA special events and host various STA camps and quests.

Location: Commerce, MI

Haul of Justice


Heroes move by bicycle from town to town, offering humble and spontaneous service to anyone who needs help.  In the past 15 years, superheroes have joined together for 25 bike rides.  The rides have been as little as a few weeks to as long as an entire year.  The Haul of Justice has crossed 25 states and 7 countries, riding over 15,000 miles with 50,000 hours of service.  An estimated 700 heroes have worn the cape on these bike rides.

Location: Global network.  Headquarters in La Plata, MO.

Neighbors Building Brightmoor


Neighbors Building Brightmoor is a group of neighbors dedicated to mobilizing, equipping, and helping each other to create a beautiful, healthy and sustainable community for ourselves and our children.  NBB shares resources, builds community, and empowers residents to make place based change.  STA is a contributing member, helping to facilitate community building and support youth.

Location: Detroit, MI

Three Roods Farm


Three Roods Farm is a 23 acre family farm dedicated to organic farming, community supported agriculture, permaculture methods, and community building.  The Farm is a “Superhero Sanctuary” that welcomes worn out adult heroes and families with a refuge from the storms of life.  Heroes are invited to retreat and recharge at the farm.  The land adjoins the Land Stewardship Center, which has also opened its resources to STA for workshops and weekend events.

Location: Colombiaville, MI

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