SWOOSH!  From the imaginations in comic books to a neighborhood campus of creative adventures…LEARN MORE…

Current Climate

At the end of 2015, STA purchased a residential home in the Brightmoor neighborhood on the west side of Detroit.  This home serves as the “HeartQuarters” for the Academy.  In 2016, the Academy begins building an education and adventure center.  The model of a “neighborhood campus” is the next experiment.  LEARN MORE…


The Summer Academy enrolls 100 kids in 2016.  In Fall, schools in SE Michigan have STA embedded in their everyday as specials’ classes, gifted and talented programs, and after school programs.  In three years, the model of a neighborhood campus is fully functional and STA is well known across Michigan.  In ten years STA has built its own school.  LEARN MORE…

Where we thrive

Children.  Long lasting relationships.  Shaping culture within a community.


How we survive

Adults.  Volunteers.  Donations.  Sponsorships.  Adult adventure programs.


It takes a village!

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