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Message from Moon

It’s no secret that the Superhero Training Academy has been whispers rather than roars these past few years.  The truth is, the last quest to build intentional living community and outdoor learning landscape in Detroit had way more twists and turns, traumas and triumphs than I imagined.  Storming Sunflower launched quests in Montana and Sunplanter peppered STA throughout Covid times in Michigan.  Here at Footquarters in the Brightmoor neighborhood of Detroit, a few summer camp programs and a hodgepodge of community events.

Here’s the skinny from the skinny guy ~

1. Establishing an outdoor learning landscape – ACCOMPLISHED

Over the years, the placemaking project of Footquarters has transformed from a squat house to an intentional community of educators to a place of refuge for those in transition, and finally into an outdoor learning landscape.  This 8 year project resulted in 2 homes rehabbed for others, 3 parks cultivated, several lives supported, and finally, the establishment of a long lasting outdoor space for play, connection, and learning.  My budding family here on Dolphin street has taken to caretaking the quicksand pits, tree house, art cave, etc., cultivating community and creating more magic as it takes on a life of its own.


2. Building a meaningful curriculum to share – 72% COMPLETE

Forged from the laughter of clowns, enchanted by educators, blessed by artists and fiddled with by x-factors, 15 years of custom composed curriculum mixed with the mighty mythic imaginations of kids is crystallizing.  I’d love to see it complete and available in 2023, a comprehensive resource shared with more creatives and communities to make their own magic.  


3. Superhero Quest in Detroit, July 2022 – 40 KIDS, Volunteers and Paid Staff needed

Help with preparations, running the camp, teaching curriculum and (dun dun dun) the ever memorable Epic Adventure Course.  See flyer for details. 

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Super Squads

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Superhero Squad

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Upcoming Superhero Quest, 40 kids ages 8 – 11, July 2022, Detroit, MI

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Upcoming Superhero Quest, 40 kids ages 8 – 11, July 2022, Detroit, MI

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