Journey into the Unknown

Overcome fear.  Find creative power.

The Superhero Quest lasts about 40 hours.

No Quest is ever the same.  

All Quests share a basic structure (see below),

but are very specific to each population and place.

The Superhero Quest

Heroes step to the edges of the known world and leap into the land of the unknown.  They embark on a quest for something lost, forgotten, or unborn.  In a series of adventures, they move through fear and experience creative power.  This experience brings about a transformation of self.  This new creative power is shared as a gift with the community.

At the beginning, there is an ancient story.

Informed by Joseph Cambell‘s “Hero’s Adventure“.

Learn the Story

The story of the hero is ancient.  All cultures have told stories of heroes.  Movies, history books, fantasy stories, the news…the hero story is told over and over again.  It is the story that inspire us.  Who are the heroes?  What makes them heroic?  What does the path look like?

In the beginning, the stories are told.

Make Connections

The stories are mirrors.  Students find their natural strengths and passions.  They learn what motivates them.  They identify with qualities of character and abilities that they have.

Here, students dream of who they can be.

Design a Super Self

Students put together the best pieces of themselves and design their own superhero characters.  They become a “living symbol” of their most powerful self.  They design a uniform and unite with the purpose of living a heroic life.

Here, students imagine who they can be.

Practice Creative Power

Students play and find out how they can be more creative.  They learn to activate their own genius.  They find a “superpower” focus for their gifts and learn how to develop it.

Here, students practice tools and develop strategies.

Share the Gift

Students cross into some “unknown world”.  They share their superpowers to make a difference in the ordinary lives of others.  They demonstrate that the creative power of the hero is within everyone.

Here, students learn to make impact.

Meet the Villains

Not all know how to choose the path of the hero.  Villains have allowed themselves to be taken over by fear and negativity.  They discourage ~ noting the forces of villainry to be the most powerful.

Here, villains challenge students.

Champion the Shadow

Students see that the forces of fear and negativity are within themselves.  They learn how to see and share their internal challenges.  They conquer shame and receive support to grow stronger.

Here, students champion what holds them back.

Join together

Students learn to trust each other.  They know how to see the gifts of others.  They care for each other.  They find acceptance and belonging as part of a team.

Here, students learn the strength of teamwork.

Be the Change

Students learn strategies villains use to defeat the heroic mindset.  They understand how to stand up to villains with love.  They learn how to transform villains with the power of nonviolence.

Here, students become change agents.

Enter the Adventure

Students enter deeper into the unknown world.  They face off against villains in a series of adventures.  They master teamwork and transform villains into heroes.

Here, experience the extraordinary


Nothing is impossible.  Heroes find true creative power within themselves.  They develop heroic mindsets, empathy, and how to be the leaders of their own lives.  They know how to find shared purpose with others.  And with the heroes of all time.

Here, students fly.

Honoring Heroes

Students return to the known world.  They are celebrated by the community for who they have become.  They are seen as heroes.

At the end, the community honors the journey

  • Students who create a positive superhero identity 100% 100%

“I am trustworthy, I am brave, I am peaceful.  I inspire peace through dancing, singing, and laughter.  I am Peaceful Bubble.”

~ Peaceful Bubble, age 11

  • Students who develop and share their superpowers 88% 88%

“You can’t stop me.  I can use my imagination whenever I want.  I can even use my aurora powers to make my imagination appear.  I use awesome poetry when I have my brain working on my imagination.”

~ Imaginative Aurora Artist, age 10

  • Students who feel more confident to embrace unknown experiences 79% 79%

“I learned to have courage and the superhero spirit was already inside you.  My life will change to face my fears and to be not scared.”

~ Iron Tornado, age 10

  • Students who feel they have positively impacted their community 95% 95%

“STA was loads of fun and we helped lots of animals and people.  You can help others and yourself when you do community work.  STA made me a more positive person and I am now willing to share my ideas with people.”

~ Joyful Joker, age 12


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