Mystery Villain Adventures

Villains have stolen the Heroic Heart!  Superheroes are on a quest to hunt down these villains, find the Heroic Heart, and return it to Superhero HeartQuarters.  Each month the Superhero RADAR receives information about the villains whereabouts and STA sends a squad of brave heroes to find them.  Villains have been known to take over schools, hide out in large parks, and even disappear down rivers and into rollercoasters.

WARNING!  Inter-dimension travel may occur.

Adventure begins July 10th, 1pm-6pm

Location: Begin at HeartQuarters, 15086 Dolphin St, Detroit, MI 48223, caravan to secret location

Registration: $15 per participant, ages 8-13, snack included.

Most Wanted Villains

The Discourager

Discourages others from believing in themselves or others

The Discourager likes to convince birds they can’t fly.  He likes to visit colleges, ask people about their dreams, and then laugh at them.  He loves to laugh at people who are homeless and single mothers.  One time, he even convinced the Sun not to rise!

His ultimate goal is to cripple the younger generation from believing they can do anything without the help of an adult.  If he has the Heroic Heart, you know that there are some kids nearby that are moaning and groaning.


Hypnotizes others to do harmful things

She puts glue on people’s eyeballs and sticks them to computer screens.  She starts nasty rumors about nice people, and makes up stories to create fear of “them”.  One time she took over ten thousand televisions and convinced an entire country to go to war!

Her ultimate goal is to create a baby army to take over the world.  If she has the Heroic Heart, you can bet that there are some crying babies nearby!

Greedy Goblin

Steals from the earth and others

He steals the cupcakes from birthday parties, the water from drinking fountains, even food from soup kitchens.  He even likes to steal words from             .  He likes to visit other countries and steal all their natural resources.  One time he even stole the laughter of a little baby!

His ultimate goal is to make sure that people value money so much that they stop caring and sharing with each other.  If he has the Heroic Heart, it’s likely that there are a lot of homeless people with no where to go.


Convinces others to be something they are not

Masquerade likes to get others to blend in, follow the crowd, and to be something they’re not.  She loves to visit the forest and trick all the baby animals to find new mothers.  She hates anything unique, and is always trying to sell the latest fashion trends ~ remember ripped jeans?  That was her work.  One time she even convinced an astronaut that he was really a submarine captain – the spaceship is still at the bottom of the ocean!

Her ultimate goal is for everyone to be on facebook and create personalities for themselves that are not true to who someone really is.  If she has the Heroic Heart, you can be sure that there are some confused animals around.

Enter the unknown...and live to tell about it!

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