Bubble Bunny

Puts hope in the heart of others

Lightning Giant

Stands up to hurtful sayings

Fiery Star

Dances to new places and possibilities

Powerful Dragon

Imagines mighty new worlds

Friendly Snowflake

Watches over others with love

Ninja Wolf

Creates peace with music and beats


Educational Mission

Ignite the creative genius in youth and build lasting foundations for their lives.

Student reports after 13 session superhero “Quest”

  • Heroes that create a positive superhero identity 100% 100%
  • Heroes who develop and share their superpowers 88% 88%
  • Heroes who feel they have positively impacted their community 95% 95%
  • Heroes who feel more confident to embrace unknown experiences 79% 79%
  • Heroes who feel a boost in positive self-image 77% 77%
  • Heroes who feel more positive relationships in the classroom 82% 82%

Feedback from our last Quest, kids that have experienced trauma

  • Average INCREASE in interpersonal strength, intrapersonal strength, affective strength, school functioning, and family involvement 47% 47%

We ignite the creative genius in youth

to build a lasting foundation for their lives

Do you know a child who has a gift?  Or a child that doesn’t know they are gifted?  Students learn how to see themselves as a hero and live their most courageous selves.  They discover and develop unique superpowers.  They learn to express these superpowers in positive directions and serve their communities.  Students learn to live a heroic life.

Superhero Training Academy makes a BIG difference in how children see themselves and how they shape their life experiences.


WARNING: This curriculum is guaranteed to make a difference.

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