The Superhero Quest

While no Quest is exactly the same, the experience does follow a specific pattern.  Quests are custom composed based on age, place, and theme.

All quests are orchestrated by caring, creative and uplifting individuals committed to a transformative experience.

Summer Superhero Quest, July 5 – July 29, afternoons M-Thu


Kids ages 8 – 11 are welcome to join this summer, as Superhero Training Academy embarks on a quest for Creative Power!  Explore core values of heroes, develop your superpowers, and maybe, just maybe, come across some supervillains…

What will you do with the superpowers within you?

Mondays – Thursdays in July, 12:30 – 3:00 on the enchanting campus of Detroit Community Schools.

Quest paid for by Detroit Community Schools and donations also accepted.  Camp limited to 60 participants.    

July 5 – 7: Storytelling, games and training

July 11 – 14: Imaginative play and character building

July 18 – 21: Superpowers and Secret Missions

July 25 – 28: Shields, shadows, supervillains

July 29, 9am-4pm Epic Adventure and Graduation

“You can’t stop me.  I can use my imagination whenever I want.  

I can even use my aurora powers to make my imagination appear.  

I use awesome poetry when I have my brain working on my imagination.”

~ Imaginative Aurora Artist

Red Cloud Indian School, Lakota Nation, 2011

“I learned that I can envision new ways to brainstorm solutions.  Now that I am a superhero I will step up for people being treated badly and encourage others to do the same.”

~ Sandstorming Falcon

Pattengill El, Berkley, Michigan, 2014

“STA was loads of fun and we helped lots of animals and people.  You can help others and yourself when you do community work.  STA made me a more positive person and I am now willing to share my ideas with people.”

~ Joyful Joker, age 11

Clarkston Schools, Michigan, 2006

“I learned to have courage and the superhero spirit was already inside you.  

My life will change to face my fears and to be not scared.”

~ Iron Tornado

Red Cloud Indian School, Pine Ridge, Lakota Nation, 2010